(Passed in the General Body Meeting held on 19.4.81 at Panaji)

  • Name: The name of the Association shall be
    ‘BANGIYA SANSKRITIK SAMITI’ (BENGALI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION) Panaji, Goa and will hereinafter be referred to as the ‘Samiti’.
    C/O Microwave Project, Pramila Smriti Bldg, Panaji, Goa.
  • Year: Year means a Calendar Year.
  • Definition : In the rules and regulations unless there is something in the subject on context therewith;
    1. The ‘Samiti’ means ‘Bangiya Sanskritik Samiti’, Panaji.
    2. Member means a member duly admitted to the Association as provided for in the bye laws of the samiti.
    3. Executive Committee means the members elected by the General Body of the Samiti constituted as provided in this rules.
  • Aims and Object : The aims and object of the samiti shall be;-
    1. To promote the Bengali literary and cultural activities.
    2. To get others acquainted with the Bengali literature and culture in Goa.
    3. To promote Fine Arts.
    4. To provide the Library for members.

Rules and Regulations


  • Eligibility: Any person subscribing to the above objectives of the samiti may become a member.
  • Class: There shall be four classes of members
    1. Patrons.
    2. Life Members.
    3. Ordinary Members.
    4. Honorary Members.

Definition of Membership

  • Patrons: The Samiti will have only one Patron-in Chief and three Patrons who by virtue of their status in the Society accept the invitation of the General Body of the Samiti. In case, the Patron-in Chief or any of the Patrons chair falls vacant the General Body may select a suitable person/persons to fill up the vacancy/vacancies.
  • Life Members: Any such persons interested in promoting the aims and objectives of the Samiti on payment of 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) at a time may become a Life Member.
  • Ordinary Members: Any such persons having love and appreciation in Bengali literature and culture may become an ordinary member of the Samiti provided he pays the annual subscription that will be decided by the General Body from time to time.
  • Honorary Members: Any distinguished persons who have love and appreciation in Bengali literature and culture, who are in the opinion of the General Body of the Samiti deemed to be in the interest of the Samiti will be enrolled as Honorary Member with his consent.

Ordinary Membership Fee: Membership Fee shall be Rs.24/- per annum, payable in installment of Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly or yearly in advance.

Application for Membership

A person desiring to become a member of the Samiti shall sign and de1iver to the secretary an application in the prescribed form together with the amount of subscription for the class in which he wishes to become a member and the admission shall be Rs.5/- (except for Honorary Member ) which is non refundable.

The Executive Committee shall have full powers to refuse admission without assigning any reason for such refusal.


A member shall cease to be a member of the Samiti if

  • By letter addressed to the Secretary, he wishes to resign his membership and pays all the dues to the Samiti.
  • He is found guilty for working against the interest of the Samiti in the opinion of the General Body of the Samiti.
  • Any member who has not paid the subscription within the period of three months from the time it was due.
  • Any member whose membership has ceased either by termination or by resignation or by non-payment as at Rule 4(3) may be re-admitted on clearance of dues.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Samiti shall be vested in a Committee hereinafter termed an the ” Executive Committee” which shall consist of one President, two Vice Presidents, One Secretary, One Joint Secretary, One Treasurer and Five members to be elected in the Annual General body Meeting.

  • The term of the office bearers shall be normally one year,
  • A member shall cease to be a member of the committee if he fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the committee without prior intimation or permission of the committee.


  • General Body Meetings – The General Body Meetings shall be held at least twice a year.
  • Executive Committee Meeting: The Executive Committee Meetings shall ordinarily be held at least once in three months.
  • Extra Ordinary Meetings: In case of emergency extra ordinary meetings shall be called after due intimation in the following cases:-
    1. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called in pursuance of a written request by at least three members then in the committee, or/by the Secretary with the consent of the President.
    2. Meetings of the General Body shall be called by the Executive Committee or by request, in writing from 1/3rd of the members then on roll of the Samiti or a minimum of 20 members.


Intimation of every meeting shall be duly given to the members concerned which shall clearly specify the time, the place, at which the meeting is to be held and the business to be transacted at there at,

  • Executive Committee Meetings: Minimum 48 hours notice shall be given.
  • General Body Meeting: Ten days notice shall be given.
  • Extra Ordinary Meetings: Such previous notices as shall be ‘possible in each individual case.


  • The quorum for the Executive Committee shall be 5(five).
  • The quorum for the General body Meeting shall be one fourth of the members then on the Roll.


  • Every enrolled member, present in the meeting can cast his vote, provided his subscription is paid up to the current month.
  • The President of the meeting shall have the Casting Vote.


  • Written minutes of all the proceedings in the meetings of the Executive Committee shall be maintained and kept open for inspection to any member of the samiti.
  • Written minutes of all the proceedings in the meetings of the General body shall be maintained to submit in the next General body meeting and passed by the house.
  • Written minutes of the Annual General Body meeting should be maintained to submit in the next Annual General Body meting and be passed by the House.


The Finances of the Samiti shall consist of

  • Donation, subscription, admission fees and other miscellaneous sources collected under the provision here-in-before mentioned and the interest earned thereon. The expenses of the Samiti shall be from these finances.
  • Interest on donations and contributions raised or received for specific purposes


All funds of the Samiti exceeding Rs.100/- (One hundred) shall be deposited in a scheduled Bank approved by the Executive Committee. The Account shall be operated jointly by any two of the following

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer


One honorary Auditor shall be elected by the Annual General Body Meeting from amongst the members. The Auditor shall duly check, inspect and audit accounts and records pertaining thereto. Irregularities if any, shall be recorded in his annual report to be submitted to the General Body Meeting.

Expenses of the Association

The following shall constitute the expenses of the Samiti:-

  • Salary of staff appointed, if any
  • Any item of expenditure incurred by the sanction of the Executive Committee in furtherance of the objective of the Samiti.

Notice of Motion

Any motion or resolution other than a resolution seeking to alter or add or delete the existing rules of the Samiti, may be brought in any meeting by a member giving at least seven days notice thereof to the Secretary who shall circulate to all the enrolled members of the Samiti. If the Secretary fails to circulate the resolution as aforesaid at least three days before the date of the meeting, the said meeting shall, for all purposes of discussing the said resolution, to be adjourned to a suitable date as decided by the meeting.

Procedure of the Meeting

Non-receipt of Notice by any member or members will not invalidate any resolution passed at such meetings. The decision of the President of the meeting as regards accidental omission or Non-receipt of Notice by the member shall be final and binding.


  • Voting shall generally be by show of hands except for the election of the Executive Committee in which case it shall be by ballot.
  • Voting on any resolution which relates to the censure or expulsion of a member or a no-confidence motion or censure of the Executive Committee or any office bearer shall be by ballot.
  • Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.

Duties of Office Bearers


  • shall preside over all the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body except holding of election of new set of Executive Committee for the Samiti.
  • shall promote objectives of the Samiti.
  • shall exercise all powers as enumerated in other clauses of the Constitution,
  • shall on the advice of the Executive Committee accept the resignation of any of the Executive Committee members, if submitted.

Vice-President (I)

  • In the absence of the President, the Vice-President(I) shall discharge the functions of the former.
  • Shall exercise all other powers conferred on him in other clauses of this constitution.

Vice-President (II)

  • In the absence of the President and the Vice-President(I), the Vice-President(II) shall discharge the functions of the former.


The duties of the Secretary with the assistance of Jt.Secretary shall be to:

  • Carry out, execute the resolutions passed and directions given by the Executive Committee. He shall conduct all correspondence of the Samiti and keep records of the proceedings of the meetings, etc.
  • See that the Rules and the By-laws of the Samiti are duly implemented.
  • Call the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body.
  • Be in charge of all books and records of the Samiti.
  • In general, carry out all such duties of a Secretary of a similar organization.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection and receipt of all Money of the Samiti and shall not without the sanction of the Executive Committee make any payment out of the money of the Samiti, except for Petty payments not exceeding Rs, 20/- at a time.

Alteration and Suspension of Rules

Those rules or any one or more of them shall not be altered, deleted, added or suspended unless at least ten days’ notice of the proposed alteration, deletion, addition or suspension is given to the members and the resolution is passed in a meeting attended by at least half of the members on the roll and by a majority of two thirds of the members present, at the General Body Meeting of the Samiti.


Members of the Executive Committee, Honorary Auditor, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers shell be indemnified by the Samiti, for any losses and expenses incurred by them in or about discharging their respective duties except such as happened from their respective fulfill act or default.


The Samiti shall be dissolved when the General Body Meeting of its members constituted by its at least two thirds of the members then on the roll of the Samiti so decide by a majority of two thirds votes and shall dispose of the property and belongings in the matter which it deems convenient subject to the provision of the Society’s Registration Act, 1860.